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Why is it that so many folks see the holidays approaching and instantly cringe with stress of all the “to-dos” they will need to do between standing in line at the mall, cleaning the house for guests, and cooking up turkeys and pies? Isn’t this supposed to be a time when we reminisce and enjoy those we love most?

We all know that time seems to speed up for the next few months no matter what you celebrate: Hanukkah, Christmas or even Kwanza! But one thing is certain...finding things that bring people together in a safe and fun way is in high demand so let’s slow things down for a minute! POUR Bar Services has seen firsthand what happens when you hand a crisp, delicious cocktail to someone after a long day at the office. Or the giddy faces of men standing at a craft beer counter, like kids waiting to sit on Santa’s lap! We get to see everyday the power of companionship, enjoyment and the sense that we are all in this together.

Rather than giving “jingle bells” socks or a fruit cake to your family and friends...give us a call and we will help you put together the perfect specialty cocktail that highlights your holiday celebration in YOUR way! It is not about drinking. It is not about throwing some extravagant party. It is about keeping it classy...about hosting an evening creating memories that when your people hear the Christmas music come on the radio again...they remember the times they were in the presence of those they truly like to be around! Let POUR Bar Services spread a little joy and cheers your way this holiday season.

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When you hear the sound of “clink, clink, clink” and see the sparkles reflecting off of your delicate flute glass, you know it is time to celebrate. Your taste buds prepare for what is about to be something wet, yet crisp. Something sweet yet dry. Bruno Mars is not the only Rockstar out there shouting out the love for strawberry champagne on ice these days - “It’s what WE like, it’s what WE like”!


From multimillion-dollar corporate mergers and new start-up launch parties, to private honeymoon breakfasts on the beach (check out #freethemimosa), champagne has always been the expected, luxurious drink of choice when one wants to celebrate something AMAZING. This all started back as early as the 5th century in the beautiful region of Champagne, France by the Romans with their grapes and togas! But enough about the history...we love talking about the new trends of having a champagne bar with your favorite diverse flavor or garnish: the updated adult-version of a portable candy shop!

No longer do folks get excited about having a bar at their wedding that serves only red or white wine and the standard beers on the market. With our North Carolina laws being what they are, it can sometimes be difficult or intimidating to get the permits necessary to have a specialty cocktail at your special event and you are stuck with those limited options. Why not bring things up to the times!

Let’s get creative. POUR can help you think outside-of-the-box and get those sexy, fun drink options that will keep your guests talking about your event for years!

Cotton candy topped, starfruit-mango, chocolate rimmed, name it, POUR bar services is seeing requests to serve it all and in various colors...thank you Pinterest! While we are sure there are limits to a tasty sparkling spritzer (no one wants a coffee-infused champagne...let’s keep some things we love separate) ...the possibilities do seem endless! AT&T could request an orange-colored bubbly with a slice of lemon to celebrate their sales team reaching their goals on new accounts. Or how about that Christmas party you are in charge of hosting at your office? Why not take things to a new level with a soft, emerald green bubbly served with a frozen red raspberry on top. We can color coordinate to match your bridesmaids’ dresses. We can keep a sweet version for those who like theirs smooth and a “manly” version for those who keep it crisp. Here’s the point - your guests will subconsciously be participating in “the best place on earth” as they tip their glass in anticipation of your one-of-a-kind beverage option. Shoot us an email or text today with your best designer-champagne ideas and how we can serve your guests at your next special event.

Our prices are sure to cause you even more happiness ~ Let’s Celebrate!



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It seems everyone is pushing “local” these days, whether it be produce, dairy, meats, crafts and gifts, anything local is always a winner. This “fad” of local products isn’t just a fad, it’s what supports our economy. Local products also include beer and we are very lucky to have so many great local breweries in not only North Carolina, but right here in the Triangle. One of the most infamous breweries in Raleigh, as well as the state of North Carolina, is Lonerider Brewing Company, or Lonerider for short.
Lonerider opened up on January 23, 2009 with only one beer. Now, Lonerider is distributed in 6 states and is considered one of the top 150 best breweries in the United States. They not only craft each beer with the highest quality ingredients, but these ingredients help them win various awards  and recognitions. In fact, Lonerider has won either an award or recognition every year since their inception. That’s something to be proud of.
The year-round Lonerider beers are Shotgun Betty, Sweet Josie, Peacemaker and Hoppy-Ki-Yay, but don’t be fooled because they also have various seasonal beers appropriately named “Outlawed Seasonal Brews”. POUR Bar Services offers and provides not only the year-round brews, but also their “Outlawed” beers for your events and weddings. Make sure to ask what selections are available at the time of your special day.
POUR Bar Services is proud to be located in the capital city of Raleigh, North Carolina and we are extra proud that Lonerider Brewing Company calls Raleigh home too.
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To understand whiskey properly, you must first start from the beginning. Whiskey was first distilled in the 1400’s in Scotland, according to early evidence. In England, it was the drink of choice, so it’s to no one surprise that when they came over to America to colonize the states, whiskey was brought with them. In fact, George Washington considered whiskey his favorite vice and he loved whiskey so much he opened his own distillery at Mt. Vernon.
Throughout history whiskey has been enjoyed by many reputable names like Mark Twain, Winston Churchill and Clark Gable. Whiskey has played such a big role throughout history that even now when one visualizes a well-established man; you picture him drinking a glass of whiskey by the fire.
American whiskey by taste is often sweeter than other whiskeys. They are aged in barrels and must be distilled in America to be categorized as “American Whiskey”. If the whiskey is distilled from at least 51% corn, its bourbon and if it’s bourbon distilled in Tennessee through charcoal, then its considered Tennessee Bourbon. Should it be distilled from at least 51% rye then it’s a rye . We are curious who named it rye because they weren’t very creative in the name. Scotch Whiskeys tends to be smoky and earthy and surprise…distilled in Scotland. However, they are aged at least 3 years, unlike American whiskey, which is distilled for about two years. Like American whiskey though, Scotch whiskey also has subcategories. Blended Scotch Whiskey is just a blend of Scotch whiskeys. Single-malt Scotch is distilled at one distillery from malted barley. Irish whiskey is obviously distilled in Ireland and like Scotch whiskey is also aged at least 3 years. It does however; tend to be lighter in flavor. We can’t leave the Canadians out; Canadian whiskey is light, but also fruity. They are typically blends and aged at least 3 years.
When it comes to drinking whiskey, there isn’t too much to it, but you should be educated on the different options. The decision to drink it neat (with nothing), with water or with ice is not just about taste, but often determined by the proof of the whiskey. When you add water or ice, you’re lowering the alcohol by volume (ABV) of the beverage. Example: one serving (1.5oz), a teaspoon of water will lower a 40% ABV whiskey to 30%. For high proof whiskey, experts suggest adding a little water to it. This will dilute the whiskey a little bit, but also to soften the punch of the alcohol. This allows the whiskey flavor to really come through. If you do choose to use ice (on the rocks) to chill your beverage, avoid using ice chips or the ice from your fridge. Opt into using large cubes or spheres because they melt slower due to a smaller surface area. Your whiskey gets chilled but won’t be watered down like it would have been had you used the ice chips from your fridge.
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There are a few theories behind the clinking of glasses prior to drinking and the evolution of the toast. Some historians believe that clinking glasses provided the noise that would keep evil spirits at bay, while others say that it was to assure the other beverage consumers that their drinks were not poisoned. Apparently poisoning each other’s drinks was a common way of handling social issues. How silly, why waste wine on someone you’re going to kill anyway? Any who, the actual lifting of the glasses came from the host pouring wine from a common pitcher and drinking it before his guests. When the host remained alive (obviously not poisoned) he would raise his glass to his friends to do likewise.
One of the most interesting theories is that a good glass of wine or champagne appeals to the senses of sight, touch, taste and smell. By clinking the glasses and creating a chiming noise, it also appeals to the sense of sound, making it an all-encompassing sensual experience. There is one last theory; in Greece, people would perform a libation, that is a fancy word for an alcoholic drink that is offered to the gods as a religious ritual. While holding a cup full of wine in one hand, standing up and looking up into the sky, they would pray with their cup raised. Once the prayer was completed, they would take a sip of the drink and sit down. As you would assume, historians differ and argue on which theory is correct, but we think their time would be better spend simply toasting to each other with a nice glass of wine or champagne.
Fun Fact: Ulysses drinks to the health of Achilles in The Odyssey, which was written over 2500 years ago.
This still leaves the problem to solve of where the word “toast” comes from. What in the world could charred bread have to do with good cheer and non-poisoned alcohol? The term toast comes from the practice of dropping a piece of burnt bread into the wine. This was done to temper some of the bad wines they sometimes had to drink. There is actual science behind this practice. The charcoal actually reduces the acidity of less than delicious wines, making them tolerable or even palpable. Luckily today the wines are much better and we don’t need to float burnt bread in our wine.  However, the happy side benefit of throwing bread into wine was that it would now be spiced or with embedded with fruit flavors and this would improve the initial taste and texture of stale bread. Talk about a win/win!
Over the years, the term “toasting”,  slowly transitioned from the traditional libations to the honoring of people. When this practice first gaining traction the person being honored would often received the actual toast saturated with wine at the end. We’d rather have another glass of wine, but wine soaked burnt bread works too.
Nowadays we neither poison each other’s wine (we hope), float bread in rancid wine nor try to scare off evil spirits with the noise of our glasses. However, the tradition of toasting is still alive and well.
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​Why do we celebrate National Beer Day and why is it on April 7? The answer is quite logical, unlike those other “national holidays” like National Martini Day, that don’t have a historical origin. On March 23, 1933 President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Cullen-Harrison Act, enacted on April 7th. It allowed the brewing and sale of beer in the United States again as long as it was < 3.2% (4% ABV). It's said that people waited in line overnight on April 6th outside Milwaukee breweries in order to legally buy beer for the first time in over 13 years. In the first 24-hours after Roosevelt signed on the dotted line over 1.5 million barrels of beer were consumed. The reason April 7 is National Beer Day and not National Alcohol Day is that prohibition did not officially end until December 5th later that year so beer had to do until then.
Why celebrate National Beer Day? It’s not just another excuse to drink a beer (as if you really needed one), it’s a time to celebrate our right to consume alcohol legally and to support our economy. Beer has more than just delicious and refreshing, there are actual economical, logical and historical reasons why beer and drinking it is such a big deal. Beer is extremely beneficial to the economy, no lie! More than 2 million Americans earn their livelihoods thanks to beer. This includes farming grains, working in retail outlets that sell beer and the physical brewing of beer. These and many other aspects that go into beer brewing and sales brings a total of $79 billion in wages and benefits annually. Talk about supporting the economy!
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