Yes or No to Having an Open Bar at Your Wedding

March 12, 2021

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Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. Having all of your loved ones, family and friends, under one roof for a party celebrating you and your significant other spending the rest of your lives together, should be an event to remember. The not so glamorous side of things, is that weddings can be expensive, especially the food and beverage portion. When it comes to the wedding bar, there are many reasons to be for or against having an open bar. Wedding bartending services for the Raleigh area, Pour Bar Services is here to breakdown the pros and cons of an open bar at a wedding reception. 

Pros of Having an Open Bar Wedding

  • An open bar is a great way to thank your guests who have spent money and traveled to come help you celebrate. 
  • An open bar encourages more dancing, socializing, and keeps the overall mood upbeat. A little liquid courage can go a long way!
  • Less decision-making for you and your groom! Supply a decent variety of supplies, and each guest will be able to find a beverage that suits them. 
  • Having to pay as you go takes time. The line moves faster without guests having to cover the cost of each of their beverages. 
  • Open bars are a nice surprise for guests who may be on a tight budget, or accidentally forgot cash. All in all, it will keep your guests happy!
  • No distractions away from the celebration, and no tabs to close at the end of the night! 

Cons of Having an Open Bar Wedding

  • Unlimited drinks can sometimes lead to accidents and unruly behavior if not controlled. 
  • Open bars can become expensive if not planned out properly.
  • Barflies- these are the people who tend to hover by the bar area and not socialize as much. Starting a conga line is a quick fix! 
  • A more controlled environment overall. 

Can’t Decide? 

You and your significant other may not enjoy alcohol as much as the next guy, but you also want your guests to enjoy themselves. Maybe you want to stick within a smaller budget than you think a full-fledged open bar will allow. Here are some ideas to meet halfway. 

Modified Open Bars

  • Offer unlimited wine and beer. This way you can control your budget and give your guests free options while still enabling an enjoyable time.
  • Limit the number of free drinks each guest gets. Handing out tickets, stamping hands, or collecting other forms of “payment” to count can help you save money while still providing your guests with free options. 
  • Have specific drinks that are unlimited, such as your signature drink. That way you can purchase the select ingredients for your beverages and allow your guests to make the decision if they want to drink what's for free, or pay for a different drink. 
  • Day weddings, or couples who don’t partake in drinking are starting to become popular events to omit alcoholic beverages altogether. Instead, serve fun and fancy juices or sodas. 

The nice thing about weddings is that you can customize your bar to serve whatever and  whichever way you want it to. It is important to take your guests into consideration, but keep in mind that this day is supposed to be about you and celebrating your marriage. Speak with your vendor and wedding bartending services to ask about your options and what they suggest. With POUR Bar Services, you can customize your bar details to be as specific as you’d like, or select one of our bar packages that are all wedding guest tested and approved. If you need any further information on planning your reception, feel free to contact the wedding bartending services for the Raleigh area, POUR Bar Services today! We will be happy to walk you through your options, and help you decide what choice will best suit you and your guests. 

POUR Bar Services 

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