Wedding Bar Terminology 101

March 23, 2022

When searching for a wedding reception bar service, it’s not uncommon to be overwhelmed by the vast terminology used to describe different services that your North Carolina wedding bartenders offer. POUR Bar Services is here to break down these expressions and help you pick what services you would like on your big day! Follow along to learn more about popular wedding reception bar service terminology.

Hosted Bar

A hosted bar is a bar that is paid for by the person who is paying for the wedding. You are “hosting” your guests by providing them with the beverages for the evening. The cost of the hosted bar fluctuates depending on the number of guests, the types of alcohol, and the wedding venue. A hosted bar’s drinks are pre-paid, while an open bar’s tab is paid for at the end of the night.

Open Bar

As mentioned previously, the open bar is paid for at the end of the night. The open bar is calculated by the number of guests, the time of the event, and how much your guests will drink. Having an open bar at your wedding is a cost-effective option, as you can control what will be served, how much will be served, and which guests have access to different alcoholic beverages and spirits. For instance, you may opt for a wine and beer-only wedding for general guests and offer a special cocktail for those involved in the wedding party. Our mobile bar service North Carolina offers different packages for the couple to choose from that will add customization and personality to the wedding.

Soft Bar

A soft bar is a bar that offers lighter options, frequently excluding liquor, for guests. A soft bar often includes red and white wines, beer, champagne, and non-alcoholic drinks. This bar type is a great cost-cutting option for the couple, while still offering guests a diverse drink list to enjoy for the evening.

Which Is the Best Option For Our Wedding?

Choosing your bar can be tricky, but POUR Bar Services works with you to make it simple. One tip from our North Carolina wedding bartenders is to think about how much your guests will consume. A great rule of thumb is one drink per guest per hour, plus one drink for the toast to the couple. Building your budget around that number helps you to choose which plan is best for your wedding! Further, our mobile bar service North Carolina offers different bar packages that include wine and beer only, well bar, call bar, and top-shelf. You decide which works best for your guests and wallet!

POUR Bar Services | Mobile Bar Service North Carolina

POUR Bar Services is proud to provide the leading mobile bar service North Carolina has to offer. Our team of experienced bartenders is pleased to serve you and your guests on your big day! From glassware rental and bar setup equipment to package range and transportation shuttle services, POUR Bar Services has everything you need for a fun and safe evening filled with memories that you’ll cherish forever. Visit our website to book your next event with us today.