How Can Hiring a Professional Bartending Service Help You Throw a Better Party?

February 22, 2021

Planning a special celebration can be an extremely complex and time-consuming process. From finalizing a food and beverage menu to selecting staffing, music, and location, necessary components can easily get looked over and forgotten. For major events, hiring professional bar services Raleigh NC like POUR Bar Services seems like a no-brainer. However, many people tend to skip on the bartender for smaller events to save a little cash. In reality, this typically turns into a messy tabletop of mixed up bottles, or an even messier of a situation that can result in spending hundreds more. Choosing the right professional bartending service is more than just selecting a company at random. If you want to learn more about how hiring a professional bartending service can help you throw a better party, continue reading!


What’s worse than overbuying alcohol for an event? Underbuying and not having enough beverages to offer your guests! Professional bartenders have a keen eye on determining how much hosts will need to satisfy their guest list without having too much excess. Not only will this save you more money, but it’ll save you time and stress of making sure what you have is enough. Quality professional bar services Raleigh NC such as POUR Bar Services also coordinate directly with the theme of your event to provide special attributes ensuring its an unforgettable time. By developing personalized drink menus with specialty cocktails, hand-selected craft beers or curated wines, and location-based beverages, our bartenders make sure the drinks fit the party’s theme perfectly. 


The sole reason for throwing a party is to get to spend time with your friends and family. If you are on bar duty all night, it is very likely that little if any catching up will happen with your guests! Allow a bartender to take over serving your guests drinks so you can be a good host, and enjoy your fabulous event that you spent days planning. Not only will the drink line go by much faster, but the cocktails will probably look better, taste better, and have correct measurements. 

When guests get to pouring their own drinks, they tend to overshoot the correct amount. This not only makes the drink less tasty, but it also leads to over-serving which could become a very serious situation. Bartenders know how to serve up the right amount of alcohol, per drink and per drinker. 

Don’t let the party stop just because the time card says it’s supposed to! If you and your guests want to go for round two, professional bar services Raleigh NC not only handle all of the bartending preparation but also break down and clean up once “last call” is declared. This allows hosts to be worry-free and enjoy the rest of their time with family and friends! The bar will undergo final checks and be left spotless by the end of the night.  

There are many advantages to hiring a professional bartender for all of your gatherings. From small intimate parties to large weddings and family celebrations, having professional bar services Raleigh NC such as POUR Bar Services can ensure that your guests' glasses stay full and everyone leaves happy and safe. 

As you can see, there is no event too small, or too big for the professional bar services Raleigh NC of POUR Bar Services. When planning your next event, rather than settling to be your own bar service, hire our experienced and lively bartenders to take control of the pouring, so you can feel like a guest at your own celebration! 

POUR Bar Services Raleigh NC

No matter what type of holiday event you are holding, POUR Bar Services is prepared to set the BAR high by going above and beyond in making the best custom cocktails, a great customer experience, and a time to be remembered. For more information, to book a service, or to speak with one of our experienced POUR staff members contact us today at (919) 906-5202! Cheers!