Tips to Crafting Your Signature Cocktail from Wedding Bartender Professionals

January 18, 2022

It’s 2022, and POUR Bar Services can’t wait for another year of couples celebrating their big day! With the planning that is sure to ensue in response to the new year, we understand that finding a wedding bartending service that caters to signature cocktails can be stressful. POUR Bar Services wants to help make the decision easy! For more tips and tricks on choosing the perfect signature cocktail, follow along!

What Is a Signature Cocktail, and Is It Worth It?

Our wedding bartending services think signature cocktails are a great way to personalize your wedding and celebrate your union with a fun drink that combines both of your personalities. These drinks are typically served at the wedding reception to the guests, and are a great way to make your wedding extra special for everyone while saving money! When serving signature cocktails, many couples choose to skip out on the full liquor bar and serve wine, beer, and signature cocktails for a round bar list. Need a few tips to get your brainstorming started? Here are our tricks for selecting your signature cocktail from professional our wedding bartenders!

Tips to Crafting Your Signature Cocktails

  1. Think about your personalities. The perfect signature cocktail has elements from both of your personalities. Whether it be your favorite spirit combined with a few tasting notes, or a cocktail completely created from a memory that the two of you share, the ideal inspiration from the cocktail should be from the lovely couple.
  2. This is your chance to customize your drink down to the tiniest details! When designing your drink, imagine what you would like to see when looking back on wedding photos. Be mindful of the glassware that you would like to be shown, as many photos may contain guests holding the drinks in their hands. Work up from there, selecting colors, finishes, and decoration!
  3. Make sure that your drink complements the evening. When selecting the flavors and ingredients within your cocktail, remember that less is more. Depending on how many guests will be in attendance, you’ll want something that tastes delicious but is simple to make so that the wedding bartender can serve as many cocktails as they can to the guests! While beautiful garnishes and glasses are something that would add a wow factor to your wedding, you want to make sure that the drink is easy to hold, sip, and clink! Another thing to keep in mind is alcohol content. With your signature cocktails, it benefits you to make the drink less strong so that your guests can be sipping on them throughout the night.

POUR Bar Services | Wedding Bartending Services

As the leader in wedding bartending services across the Carolinas, POUR Bar Services would be honored to be a part of your special day! Designing your cocktail is a breeze with the help of our professional wedding bartenders. For more information, to book an event, or to speak with us, contact us today. Happy planning!