Tips and Tricks for Selecting Your Signature Cocktails from Professional Bartenders NC

May 25, 2021

Wedding season is here, ladies and gentlemen! As the hustle and bustle of planning the big day comes to an end and final decisions are being made, brides and grooms will be considering what their “signature cocktails” should be at their reception. Don’t know what a signature cocktail is, or maybe you are having a hard time selecting which one represents you and your partner best? Continue reading to gain insight into the world of special event bartender services Raleigh, as POUR Bar Services explains the ins and outs of selecting your signature drinks for your wedding. 

What is a Signature Cocktail? 

Of course having a bar at your wedding reception is never a requirement for your big day celebrations, but we all know that a little liquid courage can go a long way on the dance floor. Many consider open bars for their wedding but are deterred by the price, or simpler beer and wine service, but realize that there are dietary restrictions that come with that, so what can you do? Select signature cocktails

Signature cocktails are typically one or two, sometimes three alcoholic beverages that the soon to be married couple chooses to serve at their wedding reception. These drinks can be a fun way for couples to add a personal touch to their receptions—and save a bit of money. When serving signature cocktails, many couples choose to skip the full liquor bar, and serve beer, wine, and the selected signature cocktails. Even the best bartenders Raleigh NC with POUR Bar Services suggest choosing to serve signature cocktails at your event because they are a great way to represent the lovely couple and it’s fun for all to enjoy. Can’t decide between including a full liquor bar or the alternative? Read our blog to find out the pros, cons, and what modifications you can make to your open bar, here

Choosing a Signature Cocktail 

This process can be as simple or as extreme as you’d like it to be–it’s your day! Many couples choose their go-to beverages, or stick with the classics such as Jack and Coke, or a Moscow Mule. However, more recently, couples have started to be more creative when selecting the beverages that are going to represent their personality at their wedding and are choosing to hand-craft their own signature cocktails! While we love this idea, not every duo is as imaginative as the next. Here are some simple tips and tricks for selecting your signature cocktail from professional bartender services Raleigh

Tips and Tricks for Selecting Your Signature Cocktails

  1. It must have the right look. In choosing a signature cocktail, we suggest selecting a beverage that will look elegant, classy, and cute in wedding photos. Trust us, a blue lagoon cocktail may taste delicious, but you won’t want to look back on images of you holding a fluorescent cocktail all night long. 
  2. Think of your drink as an accessory. Similarly to the tip stated above, you don’t realize how often beverages are captured in your reception photos. Your signature cocktails should not only fit with your look but it should enhance your style. Starting with glassware, work your way up to designing your cocktail. Focus on details such as color, garnishes and decoration. 
  3. A little goes a long way. Wedding receptions are meant to last all night, so don’t select a signature drink that's so strong, you and your guests can only get through one. For instance, martinis are classic and elegant, but three ounces of liquor will hit most people pretty hard. Additionally, a decorative beverage with muddled berries, sugared rim, and layers of garnishes call for an experience in a glass–but these tend to be much more time-consuming to craft even for the best bartenders Raleigh NC. Rather than spending half of your reception waiting in the line at the bar, choose a simple construction that consists of one accent that’ll anchor your drink. 
  4. Tell a story. Weddings are all about celebrating the past, present, and future love of the couple. Allow for your cocktail to be a carrier for your most cherished memories. Take advantage of the full creative control over your signature cocktail and make your drink carry a memory important to you and your fiance. It can be the beverages you drank on your first date, a beverage with a name that represents where you first met, etc. 

There you have it, all the information you need to craft or select your ultimate signature cocktail. This process can be daunting, but keep in mind that this is a special day for you and your soon to be spouse and you’ll thank yourself in the end when your chosen beverage not only makes you smile, but represents the love you two share. The professional bartender services Raleigh of POUR Bar Services is here to help you in crafting, narrowing down your options, and making the final decision on taste, color, glassware, and everything in between. Ensure that your guests are not only served by the best, but that your signature cocktail is crafted by the best. 

POUR Bar Services 

No matter the extent of the event you are holding, POUR Bar Services is prepared to set the BAR by going above and beyond in making the best custom cocktails, a great customer experience, and a time to be remembered. For more information, to book a service, or to speak with one of our experienced POUR staff members contact us today! Cheers!