Strategies for Pairing Spirits and Food at Your Event

January 7, 2021

When planning an event, whether it be a wedding, birthday party, or a corporate function, each of these gatherings can easily be elevated with two simple components: professional bartending services NC and delicious food that pairs perfectly with the cocktails provided. Whether you have your favorite finger-foods in mind and are looking to compliment the flavors with the perfect beverages or your cocktail menu is strategically planned and now you just want to find simple snacks to match, we can help. Pairing foods with the correct drinks can be an intimidating task, but POUR Bar Services has created this guide on how to pair spirits and food successfully at your next event. 

Where to Start

The first rule of thumb is to compliment your cocktails by matching or contrasting the flavors. A simple guide is to pair heavier drinks with lighter snacks or meals, and lighter beverages with more hefty appetizers or entrees. Some cocktails contain ingredients that you frequently find in dishes, such as lemon or basil. If this is the case, chances are pairing cocktails and food with a shared ingredient will taste great together. Spicy and refreshing are two contrasting flavors that tend to pair well, as well as sour or salty and sweet. Asking your professional bartending services NC what specialty cocktails to highlight at your event is a great way to make sure that your guests’ taste buds are well balanced. 

Research Your Ingredients

Professional Bartending Services NC like POUR Bar Services have a wide variety of cocktail ingredients that can make the most delicious beverages. When selecting signature cocktails, or other drink ingredients to be provided at your event, researching quality food pairings is a great way to optimize the flavors for the affair. A few popular food and liquor pairings are: 

  • Tequila with recipes that include citrus, especially lime and orange
  • Vodka and smoked fish, cucumber, pickled foods, creamy cheeses, or dark breads like rye and pumpernickel 
  • Sweet rum drinks with fried chicken 
  • Dark rum with hearty, meaty foods like steaks, burgers, and pulled pork
  • Bourbon with select fruits can create a whole new drinking experience
  • Whiskey and flavorful, fatty dishes to reduce the chance of alcohol burn 
  • Gin with seafood 

Talk With Your Bartender

When planning events where you want to optimize your guests’ flavor palette, ask professional bartending services NC like POUR Bar Services to help! A professional bartender should have the knowledge and experience to steer you in the right direction with your cocktail and food selections. If you are having a difficult time making the decision on which spirits to provide and at what level, visit the POUR Bar Services website to view our bartender service packages, or contact us today to talk about pairing food and spirits successfully.