3 Popular Drink Services During Cocktail Hour

February 21, 2024

When sitting down and creating your bar menu for your big day, knowing the drinks you want to serve during cocktail hour is crucial! From bubbly champagne to a cute signature cocktail, many create a bar menu designated only for cocktail hour. POUR Bar Services has bartended many weddings, and we have the top three bar services for weddings we have seen couples utilize during their cocktail hour to get guests prepared for the reception.

Welcoming With a Glass of Champagne

Raise your glasses high, for nothing says celebration like a glass of bubbly champagne. POUR Bar Services brings you a curated selection of bubbly delights, from classic brut to sweet prosecco. Elevate your cocktail hour with a sophisticated welcoming!

Serve Signature Cocktails Only During Cocktail Hour

Our bartender Charlotte, at POUR Bar Services, has been hard at work concocting a collection of signature cocktails that are as unique as your love story. Adding a personal touch to your bar menu is a fan favorite for brides and grooms when planning their wedding. Make the signature cocktail even more special and designate it only for the cocktail hour!

Classic Open Bar for a Limited Time

For those who appreciate options and want guests to have what they like but you don't want to spend a fortune, having an open bar only during cocktail hour is a great compromise! Allow your guests to sip on their favorite bourbon or have the ability to ask a bartender Charlotte to mix up their personal go-to cocktail for the cocktail hour, then switch to a limited menu once the reception starts. A open bar is one of many timeless bar services for weddings that never goes out of style.

Spice Up Cocktail Hour With POUR Bar Services

As the sun sets and the celebration unfolds, POUR Bar Services is here to ensure that your cocktail hour is a highlight of the festivities. Let POUR Bar Services set the stage for a night of unforgettable celebration, from classic champagne to delicious and personalized signature cocktails. Cheers to love, laughter, and happily ever after! Contact POUR Bar Services for your next wedding or cooperate event.