Happy Holidays from POUR

November 17, 2017

Holiday Happy Hour Why NOT!

Why is it that so many folks see the holidays approaching and instantly cringe with stress of all the “to-dos” they will need to do between standing in line at the mall, cleaning the house for guests, and cooking up turkeys and pies? Isn’t this supposed to be a time when we reminisce and enjoy those we love most?

We all know that time seems to speed up for the next few months no matter what you celebrate: Hanukkah, Christmas or even Kwanza! But one thing is certain...finding things that bring people together in a safe and fun way is in high demand so let’s slow things down for a minute! POUR Bar Services has seen firsthand what happens when you hand a crisp, delicious cocktail to someone after a long day at the office. Or the giddy faces of men standing at a craft beer counter, like kids waiting to sit on Santa’s lap! We get to see everyday the power of companionship, enjoyment and the sense that we are all in this together.

Rather than giving “jingle bells” socks or a fruit cake to your family and friends...give us a call and we will help you put together the perfect specialty cocktail that highlights your holiday celebration in YOUR way! It is not about drinking. It is not about throwing some extravagant party. It is about keeping it classy...about hosting an evening creating memories that when your people hear the Christmas music come on the radio again...they remember the times they were in the presence of those they truly like to be around! Let POUR Bar Services spread a little joy and cheers your way this holiday season.