5 December Events to Hire Bar Services Raleigh NC

December 10, 2020

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by throwing a merry, boozy, and bright holiday party! Skip the stuffy, elegant, and classic Christmas parties and mix up your celebrations by adding a professional bartending service from POUR Bar Services. Hiring an experienced staff of bartenders for your next holiday celebration, big or small, can be beneficial in so many ways, for so many different events! POUR Bar Services is here to explain five great events that many hold during the jolly month of December that are sure to get your guests in the holiday spirit(s) with professional bar services Raleigh NC.

  1. White Elephant/Gift Giving party- White elephant parties can be a great way to get a group of friends together, where everyone leaves with a gift and a good time. However, things can get awkward if people are only acquaintances, someone doesn’t follow the rules, or an argument spikes over a gift. Keep the tension low and the merriness high by hiring the professional bartending services of POUR Bar Services! Our experienced staff will keep each guest’s glass full, freeing up the host’s time to mingle and make sure everyone is having a good time! When the presents start being passed around, our servers will attend to teach guests cocktail calls, allowing the host to attend to the gift-giving holiday tradition.
  2. Work Holiday Parties- Similar to White elephant parties, if people aren’t extremely friendly with coworkers, guests may begin to feel awkward and out of place. What better way to break down barriers and gain some (liquid) courage than by hiring POUR Bar Services Raleigh NC. Having professional bartenders handle the pouring ensures that your guests have a good time while staying safe and will make it to work the next week. The bartenders at POUR Bar Services will take care of each of your employees and their guests to allow the boss and manager to finally be able to let loose and enjoy themselves with the entire company.
  3. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or Hanukkah- Family Christmas dinners, neighborhood Christmas Eve parties, Family Hanukkah Celebrations, or friends group Christmas Eve gift openings are all popular Christmas and Hanukkah get-togethers that could easily be elevated by providing a professional bartending service. If it is your turn to plan the event and want to wow your guests, call up POUR Bar Services Raleigh NC, customize your specific bar package, select a signature cocktail to channel the holiday spirits, and allow everyone to have a great time celebrating together.
  4. Tree Burning Bonfires- Once the Christmas festivities have come to a close, that doesn’t mean the act of celebration has to! Cleaning up and taking down Christmas decorations can be a real buzz kill… until you get to dispose of your tree. Gather your friends, family, or neighbors, find a big backyard that is open and clear of trees. Lay some bricks or rocks in a circle to create a fire pit, and burn your Christmas trees all night long! These fires can get big fast, so having a professional bartending service there to solely focus on serving people drinks responsibly will allow each guest to enjoy some tasty booze, the warm fire, good company, and no accidents!
  5. New Year’s Eve- It is almost the new year, do you want to be stressing about planning an end of year party that will let all of your guests go out with a bang, or do you want to be able to kick back, relax, and have a great time while POUR Bar Services Raleigh NC handles the hundreds of glasses of champagne and fizzy mixed drinks? New Year’s Eve can be such a fun time to celebrate, ringing in the new year with all of your loved ones by your side. So instead of running around making sure everyone’s glass is full, allow the professionals to handle your guest’s needs so you can enjoy the celebration as well!

As you can see, there is no event too small, or too big for the professional bartenders with POUR Bar Services. When planning your next holiday event, rather than planning to be the bartender for all of your guests, hire our experienced and lively bartenders to take control of the pouring, so you can feel like a guest at your own celebration!

POUR Bar Services Raleigh NC

No matter what type of holiday event you are holding, POUR Bar Services is prepared to set the BAR high by going above and beyond in making the best custom cocktails, a great customer experience, and a time to be remembered. For more information, to book a service, or to speak with one of our experienced POUR staff members contact us today! Cheers!

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