10 Gifts to Give to the Event Bartenders NC in Your Life

December 18, 2020

If you are reading this, you are most likely looking for that perfect gift for your favorite event bartender Raleigh NC in your life. Well, you’ve come to the right place! At POUR Bar Services, we love what we do, and love getting new toys and gadgets that make our jobs even more fun! We have gathered a list of 10 gifts that bartenders really want this holiday season below.

  1. A cocktail recipe notebook. For those who love to create new concoctions, this is a perfect gift. Normal cocktail recipe books only give you ideas on what to make, but a notebook not only provides your bartender with new recipes but allows them plenty of space to jot down their own! Recipe books are great gifts for the beginner bartenders in your life, while recipe notebooks are better for those who have more experience and are beginning to mix up their own creations!
  2. A travel kit. For traveling bartenders or those who work in multiple locations, having your own travel bar kit with you everywhere you go ensures that you have everything you want and need to your job done well. It also prevents the bartender from having to waste time tampering with other utensils that may be of lower-quality or just throw them off their bartending groove. The professional bartenders NC at POUR Bar Services always come fully prepared for our events with our own bar kits!
  3. A great muddler. Either they are too short and rub your knuckles raw every time you begin to make a mojito, they are made of a material that is not dishwasher safe such as wood, are too slick and slip in and out of their hand, or they have pointy spikes on the end which pulverize your mint and make your drinks bitter. All bad for creating great drinks. We suggest going for a well-shaped, stainless steel or plastic muddler that is long enough to get a good grip while muddling.
  4. High-end options for common utensils. Chances are your event bartender Raleigh NC already has the more common bar tools, but the question is, do they have high-quality ones? If you have noticed a chip, crack, or are only using what their bar provides for them, a high-quality tool or set of barware is a great gift! You can find many of these bundled up in a giftable set, or from kitchen supply stores! POUR Bar Services suggests stainless steel or other metals that don’t rust, we have relied on these types of tools for all of our event services!
  5. Unconventional garnishes. Olives, citrus wedges, maraschino cherries, and rock salt are all classic beverage garnishes that bartenders know all too well. While having these standard additions is essential for any fully stocked bar, a gift of a few unconventional garnishes will not only excite the event bartender Raleigh NC in your life but also give the customer who is given the drink that is topped with a unique and specialized garnish. Colored or infused salt, edible flowers, detailed stir sticks or straws, or flavored drink additives such as candied or boozy fruit, and infused ice cubes are all great ideas.
  6. A frozen drink blender. There is nothing better than when a frozen drink is just as smooth as a beverage on the rocks. Getting the ice in a frozen drink to be this blended is a difficult task unless you have a specific blender for creating frozen boozy beverages! This gift is a more expensive one, but will surely be appreciated for your beloved bartender, and hey you might get some deliciously chilled margaritas or daiquiris out of it!
  7. Compression socks. Bartending is a brutal job on the feet and legs. It is fast-paced, a lot of standing, and extremely long hours. While event bartenders Raleigh NC love what they do, their legs and feet might not feel the same way (if they still have feeling to them at all after a shift!) Compression socks are a great gift that can surely save the legs and feet of the bartender in your life from excruciating pain. They may not be the cutest, but they sure are worth it!
  8. Booze storage. You’d be surprised that people who work almost daily with alcohol have such a stock at home for themselves. Bartenders tend to have the greatest selection of cocktail ingredients at home to practice with, enjoy their favorite cocktails in the comfort of their own home, or to whip up something fun when they are entertaining. A place to store all of their favorite booze, mixers, glasses, utensils and anything else that they have that is beverage-related is a wonderfully thoughtful gift for any bartender or anyone who loves booze! A bar cart is stylish, small, and mobile, while a liquor cabinet is a larger piece of furniture that offers more storage and more of a statement!
  9. Ice cube alternatives. While garnishes make the top of a cocktail fun and unique, an even simpler way to make a cocktail stand out is with specialized ice cubes. There are so many options for ice cubes molds such as spheres, hearts, stars, or even letters of the alphabet. For the impatient wine lovers, reusable stainless steel or plastic ice cubes are great ideas and for the whiskey connoisseurs, whiskey stones are an exceptional gift to acquire.
  10. A tip. While everyone loves giving and receiving presents, sometimes one of the most appreciated gifts is a generous tip for our services. While bartenders love what we do, and we thoroughly enjoy talking with customers and experiencing the joy our creations give them, a monetary thank you is always appreciated!

Hopefully, this blog has made shopping for your favorite event bartender Raleigh NC that you have in your life a bit easier. At POUR Bar Services, we are extremely thankful for all of our friends and customers with who we have gotten the pleasure to work with the past year, and can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store for us! For any and all events, be sure to hire POUR Bar Services for a professional bartending experience!

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