Elevating Your Event with Custom Bar Services

December 1, 2020

Most can agree that one of the most important aspects of a successful and memorable event is the ambiance and what food and beverages are offered. Whether you are planning a celebration of life, a wedding, birthday party, or corporate Christmas party, having a great variety of beverages that fit with the aesthetic of your event is a key component to your guests enjoying themselves. There are many reasons why you should employ a custom bar service NC for your next event, but here are a few of the most prominent:

Custom Cocktails

At any event, custom cocktails can create conversation, make the event more personal, and more fun! Think about any wedding, birthday party, or office function that you have attended, and try to remember what you drank. Typically events that have personalized cocktails, or the ability to make a specific drink you have been craving, sticks in your memories more than having to sip on a beer or a plain mixed drink you have had numerous times before. Hiring a custom bar service NC such as POUR Bar Services will maximize your event by allowing guests to get creative and let loose.

Bar packages

Each event is different; the guests, ambiance, and amount of alcohol consumed all depends on what type of social outing you are holding, which is why POUR Bar Services, your best option for custom bar service NC allows you to select a detailed bar package to fit your unique event and its guests in the best way possible. Choose between beer and wine, well liquors, middle shelf, and top-shelf options that all include soda water, mixers, and garnishes. It wouldn’t make sense to have a fully stocked bar with top-shelf liquors if your guests and event fit more of a slow beer-sipping personality.

Specific aesthetic

With each event comes a unique aesthetic that the hosts imagine when planning the event. There is no need to lose that theme when it comes to your bar and the beverages served. Hiring a custom bar service NC like POUR Bar Services for your next event can continue the ambiance of the setting throughout the entire party. Between equipment and decorations, beverage supplies, and glassware rental, your cocktails will match the occasion seamlessly.

POUR Bar Services of North Carolina

No matter what type of event you are holding POUR Bar Services is prepared to set the BAR high by going above and beyond in making the best custom cocktails, a great customer experience, and a time to be remembered. For more information, to book a service, or to speak with one of our experienced POUR staff members contact us today! Cheers!