Bourbon Heritage Month: Your Guide To Bourbon

September 15, 2022

September is national bourbon heritage month! To celebrate, our private party bartending service is discussing the all-American spirit. Often thought of as a rustic man’s drink, this spicy spirit with notes of caramel, oak, and vanilla comes with a bite. However, with six different categories of bourbon to choose from, our wedding bartender services believe there’s a bourbon for everyone. But where did bourbon come from? What are the different types, and what should you pair the drink with? We’ve got you. From Pour Bar Services, mobile bartending services, here’s your guide to bourbon.

A Brief History of Bourbon

Although its exact origins are shrouded in legend and hearsay, the first distilling of bourbon likely began in 1800s Kentucky. During this time period, Scots-Irish immigrants were settling in the area, bringing with them their spirits and distilling techniques from Northern Ireland. As far as the name, our mobile bartending services know of two theories as to how it came about. The first is that it is named after the Kentucky county of bourbon. The other comes from the belief that Bourbon originated near Bourbon street in New Orleans, Louisiana. Whatever the case may be, bourbon is so inexplicably tied to the United States, that in order to legally be called Bourbon, the drink must have been distilled and produced within the country.

Types of Bourbon

  1. **Single-Barrel-**Perhaps one of the simplest types, single-barrel bourbon is bourbon that is taken from a single barrel that hasn’t been mixed. Ironically, single-barrel bourbon of the same brand can vary in terms of taste. The elements the bourbon is exposed to like the wood of the barrel can influence the taste, making each bottle unique. One of the most well-known brands of single-barrel bourbon is Blanton’s.
  2. **Cask Strength-**In terms of flavor, cask strength bourbon is your heavy hitter. Unlike other types of bourbons, this variation isn’t cut with water. This allows the strong, spicy, flavors of the barrel to persist. Our bartenders at our mobile bartending services know this spirit isn’t for the faint of heart.
  3. **Wheated-**If you’re looking to dip your toes into the world of bourbon whiskey, this may be your best bet. Wheated bourbon is known for being one of the most palatable types. This is because, in the mash bill, wheat is used as the secondary ingredient. The result is a more nutty, rather than spicy, taste.
  4. **High Rye-**While the average bourbons have a rye percentage of around ten percent, as you may have guessed, high ryes go beyond this. The higher amounts of rye will yield a bolder, spicy flavor. Like cask strength, this is one our mobile bartending services say is best reserved for the bourbon-experienced.
  5. **High Corn-**If you like your spirits sweet, this may be the bourbon for you. In order to qualify as a bourbon, the beverage in question must have a percentage above 51 percent. The higher the percentage, the sweeter the drink will be.
  6. **Small Batch-**A newly emerging category, small batch bourbon refers to bourbon that is mixed with a small number of curated barrels and bottled as its own branch of bourbon. With this category, the distiller has more creative freedom in the process. Because of the bespoke quality, small-batch bourbon has grown to come with an air of exclusivity.

What Does Bourbon Pair With?

Due to its reputation as a simple man’s drink, many people tend to pay little attention to how to pair this whiskey. However, if you’d like to elevate your meal, there are a few items that go particularly well with the spirit. If you’re planning on having our mobile bartending services serve bourbon at your next gathering, consider these choices:

  • Baked goods like cheesecakes
  • Fatty proteins like ham
  • Cheese, especially gouda

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