Bartending Trends 2021

July 28, 2021

After the turbulent year North Carolina bar services had in 2020, many elements of our world have shifted. Not only did Covid-19 change our world, but we started into a new decade. This year, we're leading the trendsetters. In the bartending world, trends are always shifting and evolving. After a year like last year, we're seeing a lot of changes in the bartending atmosphere. We're here to shoutout a few of our favorite trends that we're seeing in the mixology world!

More Mock-tails, Please!

We're seeing many more mock-tail options becoming a trend in the coming years. Many people aren't able to drink alcohol for dietary, maternity, personal choice, and other health reasons. That doesn't mean that they should be left out on the fun and excitement that cocktails provide! Making fun, alcohol-free cocktails are a great way to include those who aren't able to drink alcoholic beverages. We really like this mock-tail recipe featuring a Strawberry No-jito!

The Roaring 20s Are Back!

One thing that bartenders in North Carolina bar services are loving are 1920s-themed glassware! Collins glasses are making a huge comeback, and crystal glassware inspired glasses are adding a touch of class and whimsy to your everyday well. Who wouldn't want to feel extra classy with a crystal glass? Another one of our favorite things about these glasses is the ice varieties that you can pair with them. Our favorite look right now is a collins glass with a long rectangular ice cube that fills the length of the glass. How cool?

Dried Garnishes

While we always love a classic garnish, we've really been noticing some innovative garnishes this year. Dried blood orange wheels, lavender seeds, and even dried leaf skeletons are some of the most unique garnishes that we've seen in the bartending world. We would love to see some more unique garnishes going into the fall. Perhaps a pumpkin seed-themed garnish for fall and a sprig of mistletoe for the winter? The possibilities are endless!

POUR Bar Services | Eastern NC

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